Leading the HSA Investment Movement

“The only account that received top marks”1

-Ann Carrns,
The New York Times

Named 'Best Health Savings Account'

-Kiplinger 2017

HealthEquity is leading the industry, offering members the most competitive investment options available at the best possible price. We've been able to keep our members' overall HSA investment costs low while offering a diverse lineup of quality investment options as shown by Morningstar’s recent research report on the top HSA providers.

Lowest fund expense ratio2

highest quality investment options 2,3

HealthEquity has the strongest lineup. The plan delivers across asset classes; 21 of 23 available funds are Morningstar Medalists, including 13 Gold Medal funds.”

– Morningstar, Inc.

Our members have higher average balances which results in incremental savings for employers, and added flexibility to benefits strategies ongoing. Contact us today to learn more!

Implications of our leadership: for employers

Real tax savings of $22,200 savings per 1,000 HSAs

  • $1.84 per account per month savings

Greater member satisfaction and buy-in

Strategic benefits flexibility

  • Greater ongoing plan design flexibility
  • Better platform for integrated health/wealth education
  • More proactive workforce management

$2,390 HealthEquity avg. balance vs. $1,756 competitor avg. balance (see note 1)4

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“We also believe that HSA plans should resist offering overlapping investment strategies. Many studies have shown that an investor with too much choice often makes poor investment selections or succumbs to decision paralysis. Instead, plans should offer one best-in-class option within each asset class.”

“...HealthEquity stands out for having essentially no overlap while providing broad asset class representation.”

– Morningstar, Inc.


2Source: Morningstar, Inc. Data as of 6/27/17 Full report available at: http://corporate1.morningstar.com/ResearchLibrary/article/813893/2017-health-savings-account-landscape/

3Note 1: based on the expense ratios of mutual funds available through HealthEquity vs. Devenir I 2016 year-end industry average – page 11 Note 2: based on HealthEquity portfolio Morningstar rating vs Devenir I 2016 year-end industry average – page 11

4Note 1: Competitor average calculated per Devenir 2016 year-end report| page 5, takes industry average and adjusts to exclude HQY balance from industry balance HealthEquity average HSA balance per FY 2017 Network Partner data Note 2: Savings = ($2,390 HQY avg. balance - $1,756 competitor avg. balance) x 7.56% FICA rate x 46% average employer contribution match