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COVID-19 Information

HealthEquity's commitment to serve all members, partners, clients and team members remains steadfast. As we diligently monitor the global outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we've created this page to provide you with real-time, accurate updates on our organization's response. We will continue using this location to share new information and resources, as warranted by the rapidly changing nature of this situation.

A message from President and CEO Jon Kessler

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

For the benefit of our communities, customers and teammates, HealthEquity is taking a proactive approach to COVID-19.

We've transitioned our more than 3,000 teammates to remote work nationwide. We're also restricting non-essential travel by our teammates, including travel to client sites.

Remarkable service, what we call "Purple," is at the core of our culture. We view the current crisis as an opportunity to show you Purple. Our member services specialists will remain available around the clock. Our employer and broker services teams are equipped to provide the level of service you expect from us. We will communicate with you on important matters rapidly and candidly.

There will be bumps as all of us adjust to this new situation. We ask for your patience, but more importantly your feedback on where we can do better.

Thank you for your continued trust in HealthEquity.


Jon Kessler

Frequently asked questions

Note: The following is for informational purposes only and may not contain the latest updates. Please review the CDC website for the most up-to-date information. It is not intended as medical or legal advice. For legal advice, please consult with your legal counsel.

Q: What is HealthEquity doing in response to the emerging COVID-19 situation?

  • Our team members have been informed of symptoms and preventative measures, and advised to stay home if sick. Our people managers are prepared to support team members and coordinate remote work, if necessary.
  • We do not generally do business in the current high risk countries, but are restricting all business travel to CDC Level 2 and 3 countries at this time.
  • We are restricting all non-essential business travel in the US.
  • If a team member is planning to take a personal trip to a Level 2 or 3 country, we've aligned on the process for determining if and when it's safe for them to return to work.
  • We're committed to keeping our partners, employers, members and other stakeholders informed on our response and action plans should the situation escalate.

Q: Can we expect any disruptions to our regular service? Will we still be able to make claims and access funds?
A: At this time, we anticipate no disruption or impact to our services, including our ability to respond to claims and disperse funds. Our Member Services team is large and geographically diverse. Our hundreds of team members work in centers across the country - including remotely.

Q: What is HealthEquity doing to educate members about COVID-19?
A: Our team is reaching out to employees through email to share CDC tips on preventing illness.

We've reminded employees that our Member Services team is available at any time should they have questions.

Q: What can I do to help prepare my employees for coronavirus?
A: Your employees will also look to you for health benefits help. You might consider reaching out to your employees to make sure they have all necessary insurance and HSA, FSA or HRA information nearby.

The CDC has recommended that employees work from home if they are sick and to seek medical attention if they are experiencing flu or COVID-19 symptoms (or if they've been exposed to others experiencing these symptoms).

Q: Are you still traveling to attend meetings and events?
A: If our partners and employers are still accepting visitors, we are attending essential meetings in person. We are implementing our work from home policy for our team members, so will evaluate all employer requests for in-person meetings at HealthEquity. We're adjusting to using technology - video conferencing, webinars and phone calls - provided we can facilitate meaningful discussions and meet our business objectives.

We are also responding to conference and event cancellations, and rescheduling or postponing meetings as deemed necessary. Our aim is to ensure our clients receive the same level of talent and service they require, while maintaining a Purple approach to the COVID 19 situation.

Q: How will I know if anything changes?
A: HealthEquity is committed to keeping you informed as the situation develops. We will be diligent in contacting you and your employees directly should anything change, including threat level or affected services.

Q: Are you moving to remote work and should I expect any changes to service levels?
A: We are transitioning to work from home for the health of our team members and good of our communities until further notice. Our Technology teams have implemented business continuity plans to enable team members to continue providing remarkable service without interruption. We will be monitoring activity in our communities to determine when and how team members should transition back to our sites.

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