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Maximize program utilization

Below you’ll find targeted, product-specific Engagement Packages designed to help members get more from their benefits. Packages are organized thematically, each containing several assets, so you can deliver a multi-touch campaign that perfectly complements our ongoing member email sequence. Within each package you’ll find a calendar to synchronize your communications with HealthEquity emails to deliver the right message at the right time.

Each package includes:
Digital Signs
Digital Ads
Each package includes:
Digital Signs
Digital Ads
Each package includes:
Digital Signs
Digital Ads
HSA Package 1

Promote account optimization

HSAs are powerful tools, but members need to learn how to use their accounts most effectively. This package explains the basics, showing members everything they need to save and spend with total confidence.

What’s inside:

  • Welcome series

  • Account setup

  • Reimbursement basics

  • Savvy healthcare consumerism

  • Strategies to save more

HSA Package 2

Maximize contributions

Saving with an HSA is a habit that requires ongoing nudging and practice. This package shows members the power of their HSA and helps propel them on the journey to long-term health and financial wellbeing.

What’s inside:

  • The power of triple-tax savings

  • Strategies to spend smarter

  • Building an emergency safety net

  • Tools to accelerate health savings

HSA Package 3

Encourage investing and retirement readiness

Most members don’t know that HSA investing is an option—let alone how to do it. This package is designed to introduce members to HSA investing and includes strategies to maximize long-term account growth.

What’s inside:

  • Using the HSA Investment Desktop

  • Understanding compound growth

  • Comparing retirement accounts

  • Managing your portfolio

FSA Package


FSAs are not complicated, but there are tricks to maximizing account value. This package walks members through the FSA experience step by step, offering strategies to spend smarter and stretch every dollar further.

What’s inside:

  • Account setup and optimization

  • Balance management

  • Simplifying reimbursement

  • Qualified medical expenses

  • And more

Coming Soon

DCFSA materials are being updated based on the COVID Relief Bill and will be available soon.

Benefits leader bootcamp

Not sure where to start? Take a few minutes to get oriented to all the tools and resources we offer.

  • Learn how to navigate your account

  • Simplify your workflows

  • Understand our proven approach to member engagement

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hands-on support

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